PWA Future

Our company has been exploring the potential use cases for PWA's.

*Edited - 5/14/2023

At AnsonErvin Inc., we are constantly exploring the potential use cases for Progressive Web Applications (PWA's). While we love the affordability and versatility of PWAs, we have encountered some challenges when recommending them to clients. Some of our current clients have expressed concerns that their customers may not be aware of how to download their PWA, especially since Apple users may not see an installation prompt. Some websites have tried to overcome this by dedicating an entire page to explaining how to download their PWA, but we don't believe this is an ideal solution.

Despite these challenges, we remain committed to innovation and pushing the boundaries of technology. We are currently developing a PWA for our company website and have recommended one for a potential client seeking a music-sharing website. We base our recommendations on our clients' budgets and use cases, and we strive to deliver the best possible product for their needs.

One of our primary motivations for developing PWAs is to stay on the cutting edge of technology and contribute to the developer community's ongoing dialogue about this exciting technology. We are optimistic that as we continue to develop PWAs, we will make breakthroughs that benefit a wide range of developers and businesses. We will document our research and findings for anyone interested in this topic.

Our goal is to continue to expand our service line to include PWAs and provide our clients with the most innovative solutions available. We are confident that as PWAs become more prevalent, they will become an increasingly important part of the development landscape.

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