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As a company we have been battling with the potential use cases for PWA’s. Having mentioned it to a few of our current clients there is a small learning curve to relaying to them what a PWA could be used for. One recurring comment they have given us is “We love the idea and the affordability, however if we tell our customers to download our app we are confident they will look for it in the app store”. We have seen some websites overcome this by having an entire page dedicated to showing their users how to download their website. We personally don’t like this solution, however this seems like the most effective strategy in our opinion. This issue is currently only for apple users to our knowledge, because android informs users when a PWA is available for installation on websites. More research will be done on our end to overcome this issue.

We are currently developing one along with our company website, but we were doing deep brainstorming on how we should recommend them to our clients. We have one potential client who is requesting us to develop a music sharing website and we are recommending one for them. We are basing this decision upon his budget, and his use cases. Generally we had initial uncertainty about this recommendation due to the installation learning curve.

Innovation is one of the core concepts we push for at AnsonErvin Inc. and our goal is to stay very much on the bleeding edge of technology. PWA’s are a popular conversation among many developer communities right now and we would love to be apart of the dialogue. Release of the salehogs.com PWA will be released soon. Sale Hogs is a pretty sizable project to integrate a PWA and will stretch our team to the limit to guarantee a unique UX design. The primary purpose of developing a Sale Hogs PWA is to further the brand’s awareness via push notifications. Users will be notified when a really popular restaurant has released a deal and also when Sale Hogs has released a new article to the website. We are optimistic that while developing the Sale Hogs PWA we will make breakthroughs that benefits various developer communities. We will be documenting our research for anyone to read if they find this topic of interest.

Upon the success of our current three PWA projects we will recommend this new technology to future clients. We strive to deliver our clients the best possible product for their solution and we would love to add PWA’s to our service line. Conversations with fellow developers in the community indicate that PWA’s are here to stay and we would love to contribute to the dialogue.

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